Free Money

So, I got an invitation to a program called $5 For Free. Yes, it is correct! You get $5 within 30 seconds of you joining. You also get $.25 for every member you personally tell about the program that signs up but that’s not where it ends, the people you sign up, they will sign people too and they will pay you $.10 for each of their sign ups and when they sign people up you will get $.15 for their sign ups. It goes only 3 levels. Real simple to tell a person to sign up for FREE, do a survey and have the ability to have others sign up and you get paid for it.

Now there is one thing that is a negative and a positive. You have to pass up the first 2 people you sign up which sounds negative but it is not and I will explain.

All pass ups go to the Owners of the program and I assure you they do not mind it as they have to pay EVERYONE who signs up $5 just for signing up. There is a silver lining for those who want to make a good income from it.

They offer what they call “The Money Plug In” and it is a $10 a month Software that forces those whom you put in to pass YOU their first 2 members instead of the Company getting the money from them. You will be paid the $.25 instead of the Company for those 2 pass ups. Those 2 people that you get passed up will also have to pass you their first 2 all the way to infinity.

Is that all you ask? I know it sounds like it is small but once you Purchase their $10 Plug In you will also be able to create a HUGE RESIDUAL INCOME because everyone under you for 3 levels that buy the Product as well, which of course they will, you will get $2.50 for those on your first level, $1.00 for all on your second level and $1.50 on your third level and the whole bonus to this is “residual” means every month! Every month you can and will add money to your previous month and before too long you will start to have an actual DATE on your Online Monies. Have a look at the video for what you can expect…Free Money Online


2 thoughts on “Free Money

  1. Kim says:

    Are you new to this program or have you been doing it for a while?

    • Admin says:

      I’m still new to it. I have joined and opted for the money plug in option because that’s the best money to be made…and I hate surveys! With the money plug in, you don’t have to take a survey.

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